A new direction

League was shifting its focus. Previously, they wanted to provide a marketplace that connects individuals with health professionals and services. But as they expanded, they wanted to focus on servicing company employers by offering health funding and in-house programs as a replacement for traditional health benefits.

Finding the benefits

Through our Human Brand process, we found a new direction for League’s business efforts. We explored fundamental questions of B2B and B2C brand development in order to enable the rollout of more effective and creative product and experience execution.

In a different League

“…the team at Gravity were fantastic to work with. We presented them with a unique challenge and they delivered. As a start-up, we needed help developing a differentiated position against century-old incumbents. The Gravity team guided us through a process to address both our B2B decision-makers and the B2C end users and helped us identify white space where we could carve out a defendable position of our own.”- Colin Bettam, Chief Marketing Officer, League