Making a smooth transition

Jameson had a loyal consumer base but that wasn’t helping to drive growth.

The brand was respected and endorsed by bartenders, but was missing out on a key driver in the category: the consumer’s increasing interest in mixed drinks and cocktails.

So we asked: how could a brand built on industry insider relationships gain broader support and interest without losing its cool factor?

Bringing it to live

Our cultural analysis led us to two key passion points shared by Jameson and their consumer: indie music and the tribe of neighbourhood.

Partnering with Arkells, we created a one-time, one-take, live-to-vinyl performance via Facebook Live – then retargeted those who engaged with the video with drinks-specific content.

Our highly localized out-of-home campaign ran across key markets, bringing Jameson into our targets’ neighbourhoods and sharing the brand’s passion at the community level like no one else.