Making an old-world motto matter today

Jameson’s family motto since 1780, Sine Metu means to live without fear. Believing that when people fear a bit less, they live a bit more, Jameson wanted to build new brand connections and ultimately, advocates.

Sharing the spirit of Sine Metu

We knew that creative Canadians including artists, poets, and musicians were already living Sine Metu every day. By connecting to them and seeding in-the-moment stories through owned and collaborators channels, we reached potential Jameson drinkers using the essence of their motto. A holistic integrated campaign culminating with this video through words and paint, we incited Sine Metu moments using modern and distinctly Canadian voices.

Making it fit for a global audience

Our creative inspired millions of Canadians to embrace the art of saying “yes” with some astounding results. Our videos launched with 1.18 million views and 110,1000 organic views. This reach made for a natural transition into a series of video content, which generated over 10 million views and engagements with Global recognition of the work across the Jameson network.