Hydrating the hustle of a creative generation

The vitaminwater think+drink+do global brand platform targets creative millennials looking for hydration to help make their hustle happen. But in Canada, those consumers don’t always know when to drink vitaminwater and sometimes don’t understand all of its functional benefits.

Helping the hustle

We needed to create an exciting, Canadian interpretation of vitaminwater’s think+drink+do campaign and ensure it was clearly understood while driving brand equity with creative millennials. We also needed to create an emotional halo that would allow us to directly communicate the functional benefits of vitaminwater.

Influencer led, functionally driven

We invited up-and-coming YouTuber/musician Andrew Huang to create a track and a campaign hero video that integrated the story of his creative process with how vitaminwater functionally helps to hydrate his hustle. We introduced the think+drink+do proposition to his many fans organically, and then amplified the content as paid media to drive overall awareness.

We followed up the video with a series of Google bumper ad units, retargeting our consumers with functionally-led messaging that would help break down barriers to consumption for our target.

The result? Creative millennials saw how one of their own fit vitaminwater into his routine, and then discovered different ways it could help their hustle too.