Diet Coke’s Canadian cultural context

Diet Coke has been an icon for generations now. But with new innovations and repositioning from global, the ask was this: disrupt our target with a product relaunch that focuses on getting them to think differently about Diet Coke.

In Canada, Diet Coke required a different approach than the US. After digging into what matters most to our target, we unearthed a simple creative expression that used the global platform as a jumping off point, then we added our own unique sensibility and point of view.

Cultural relevance, nationally

Working with our partner, Substance Stratégies, we unearthed a key cultural insight across both Quebec and the rest of Canada that led to our strategy: we needed to reintroduce Diet Coke at the product level, bringing the new creative positioning and flavours to the forefront.

This led us to explore visual evolutions of the global brand’s clean, crisp base creative, while staying faithful to the lighthearted, no-effs-given tone and voice. From streetcar takeovers to digital out-of-home boards, we focused on contextually relevant executions in order to drive awareness to the product in key moments of the purchase cycle.

Big, bold and relevant

Across the country, we were unmissable in our target’s daily activities and rituals with our strategic placements, bold imagery, and curiosity-peaking messaging.

We made Diet Coke relevant to our Millennial target, and successfully introduced the brand’s new positioning and flavours to consumers across Canada.