“We’re all these different pieces, shapes and colours with different beliefs, customs and values – but we all somehow fit together.” – Libs Elliott

What do Canada and Absolut vodka have in common?

A long history of diversity, innovation, and a willingness to look towards what’s next. We worked with Absolut to craft a campaign that borrows inspiration from our collective past while imagining what we can build together in the future.

Weaving it all together

We tapped Canadian textile artist Libs Elliott to create a quilt that honours the values and history of our nation. Using algorithms and coding, Libs’ designs dipped into an infinite playground of shapes and colours that were then sewn into a quilt. We took those patterns and designed a bottle that represented Canada’s diversity through the interplay of these seemingly random geometric shapes. Inspiration from both the quilt and bottle was woven into various campaign elements including short form digital content, in-store display, video storytelling, and short form video and social.